The aim of SECTIO AUREA is to provide our clients innovative and environmentally friendly and responsible design solutions which are timeless and custom designed built for a client’s unique taste.

Our projects range from residential units to institution and commercial structures which includes landscape, interior, furniture, engineering work, installation and construction.


Founded by Engr. Philippe Ray Octura, the team consists of multi-disciplined skilled personnel and has grown to include designers, engineers, and builders from different fields. Characterized by intensive teamwork and meticulous attention to detail, the design process results to projects that reveal uniqueness, conceptual clarity, and which considers every element as an integrated whole.

It is our aim to deliver a finished product that is both functional and simple, yet elegant and timeless, to the satisfaction of our clients. With high awareness to sustainable design, ventilation, circulation, energy conservation and efficiency, and the integration of natural light to provide a healthy environment. From the full extent of the site to the fine details on the interior, our projects are thoughtfully developed and carefully executed with passion, integrity, and perseverance.


For design and construction services inquiries, feel free to contact us through:

Sectio Aurea
General Santos City
FB: https://www.facebook.com/prswirve


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